Code being cut off while writing off-screen in a project

I was working on a project, and I found when reaching the end of the size of the coding section, the section bugged out - it continued to move to the right (as in, it was expanding where I was writing) - however the writing cut off at the original point that the screen was (before extension). When I was writing, it seemed to have cut off all of the code further than the original boundary of the coding section.

The conditions for this were:

  1. I had recently enlarged the text by increasing the size (I don't know if this is relevant)
  2. I was writing a line into the section - which meant the screen would have to extend itself because I was not manually moving the screen across
  3. I could not replicate it afterwards

I don't know if this was a problem with my device or even a glitch, but I am raising it nonetheless.

I apologise if my explanation isn't very good :P

I also know I raised this same bug a while back...interesting that I have the exact same problem lol

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