Coding assistance via AI (ChatGPT)

Today I discovered MicroStudio and congratulations to Gilles and the community! What an excellent work and idea.

At the moment I'm looking at both the online and offline versions to get to know MicroStudio better and one of the first things I tried was if I can also edit the code with Visual Code....Reason: Since last week ChatGPT can help me with coding via Visual Code.

With the offline version, I was able to find a way to get help from ChatGPT in MicroStudio.

First I had to find the location where MicroStudio stores the project files locally (Windows). I found them here.

{documents folder}AppData\Roaming\microstudio\files\0\0\0\0\ms

For example the file: client.ms (I cloned the multiplayer No Game example)

Open the ms-file in Visual Code and enjoy the cooperation with ChatGPT, e.g. use the function "Explain CodeGPT" or "Find Problems CodeGPT" ... and if there is something useful copy GPT's suggestion from Visual Code into the MicroStudio code editor.

If you want to see this in action, here is an url to a screenshot:


For anyone who wants to use AI coding via visual code too: you need access to the ChatGPT API and the Visual Code extension that I use is called: CodeGPT ...other AI models are also usable by this extension, I believe Bard too.

The idea now is that it might be a great feature if ChatGPT could be integrated directly into the MicroStudio code editor?

Been looking around a bit lately and it's just starting to see AI features moving more and more into game engines, not just for coding, but also for asset creation via prompt.

If you like to edit and sync the online files you can use this tool created by user Fenix.


You can also find the link in the #resources section of the microStudio discord channel

Thank you very much! :-) I will definetly try this out and join Discord.

Microstudio Companion is working like a charm! :-)

I don't like ChatGPT due to the excessive hallucination and handholding, however it's pretty open and we should talk about generally setting up AI models to assist.

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